ANA Dreamliner 787-9 Star Wars R2-D2 Livery

17 April 2015, 18:27 - By Viking KARWUR

All Nippon Airlines (ANA) has unveiled a new ‘Star Wars’ livery on its latest Boeing 787-9 that marks the start of a five-year tie-up with The Walt Disney Company (Japan).

Painted with the iconic R2-D2 character, the plane’s design was unveiled to fans of the popular science fiction franchise in the United States on 16 April.

ANA Star Wars Project

ANA has launched a 5-year ANA 『Star Wars Project』leading up to 2020 that will connect Japan to the global market.

With the launch of the project, ANA has announced the design of an R2-D2 Jet*—Star Wars livery, with the iconic R2-D2, on its newest aircraft 787-9 Dreamliner. *The jet is scheduled to fly on international routes this autumn.

With the skies as our stage, we are embarking on a range of novel initiatives as we head into the future. Expect a new world full of surprises!

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