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18 September 2014, 06:34 - By Viking KARWUR

Have an idea? Submit a module. See a module you like? Vote for it. Developers get credit, fame and cash. Supporters get first dibs, offer feedback and most importantly, influence the development of the next great module. We will manufacture the most popular ones and sell them worldwide.

The largest hardware platform just became infinite.


Ever wish you could make your own module? The wait is over. Introducing the bitLab: the app store for hardware.

Whether you’re a hardware developer, a company, one of our bitizens, or a littleBits newbie, you can shape the future of hardware. There are three different ways to get involved:

  1. Submit your own module. If it gets enough votes we’ll manufacture it and sell it, and you can retire early
  2. Vote on your favorites. YOU decide which modules littleBits manufactures next
  3. Share your dreamBit. If there’s a module you’ve always wanted, post your idea and it could get made

Wish that Makey Makey or Bare Conductive made a littleBits module? Done. Did you submit the dreamBit for an oscilloscope? It’s here. The hardware revolution is happening now.

littleBits is the fastest and most fun way to create with electronics. Create a circuit in seconds, no soldering required!


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